5 Must Have Qualities for Any Website Designer

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In 2016, there were approximately 163,000 web developers in the United States.

Between now and 2026, the employment growth rate for website designers is projected to sit at right around 15%. This is over twice as much as the national average for most other professions, which is about 7%.

In today’s world, hiring a competent website designer for your business is more important than ever. But what exactly does that entail, and what should you look for in the person you’re trusting with your business?

Here are 5 simple answers to that question.

1. Experience

You can’t beat simple good old-fashioned experience. Look for an individual or agency with a trust-inspiring track record.

While it’s true that young website designers need a chance to cut their teeth, your website shouldn’t be their testing grounds. Verifiable experience is a solid guarantee that your business is in good hands, and that has to be the bottom line.

If they can’t provide a convincing resume, it might benefit you to look elsewhere.

2. Versatility

Experience is well and good. But if your website designer has exclusively built sites for pet stores and you’re a law firm, there could be an issue.

The type of experience is just as important as the experience itself. Seeing a varied list of clients in their past indicates an ability to successfully adapt to a variety of needs and demands.

It’s possible the designer you hire may have never undertaken a job with the exact criteria you’re asking for. But if their portfolio is eclectic, that shouldn’t be a concern.

3. Adaptability

This is similar to versatility, but not the same. Adaptability means being able to roll with changes and new developments on the go.

Someone might have an excellent history designing Angelfire sites (which apparently still exists). But an inability to change with the times is an immovable hurdle to success and progress.

Adaptability also means being able to meet your needs as they change. You may come in with one idea and quickly discover you need something different. To a good website designer, that’s not a problem.

4. Communication

You have to be able to easily reach your web designer. Furthermore, you have to be able to communicate and comprehend ideas without complication.

I don’t think it’s a secret that web developers and tech industry folks have their own language. The problem is that you might not be familiar with it. Most people aren’t.

You need a web designer that can understand what you need, speak to you with clarity, and respond in a timely fashion. Waiting a week for an answer you can’t even decipher isn’t going to work.

5. Dedication

Without this, nothing else I discussed matters.

There’s not much else to say about it. You need someone who will take your business seriously and not falter at the first sign of adversity.

Your business should be your web designer’s first priority. If it’s not, find someone who will make it theirs.

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