5 Things Every Custom Website Must Have

Having a great product or idea to sell isn’t enough in today’s digital marketplace.

You need a custom website that’s engaging, converting, and responsive to truly get ahead. Without one, you’re losing business.

Your web presence will speak for your business louder than almost anything. Make sure that it highlights who you are as a company and creates a user-friendly experience that encourages customers to return.

The best custom websites are seamless reflections of the company they represent. To help your site work best for you, make sure it includes the following 5 important elements.

About Section

Your custom website must have a strong bio that gives readers a sense of what your company does and values. It should include your history and mission statement.

This is a great place to make your site more personal. Your customers can connect with your story, see your vision, and be inspired to become a part of it. A well-written “about me” section humanizes your brand.

Contact Info

Make it easy for people to get in touch with you. Some sites make the mistake of hiding their contact info, which can be quite frustrating for a customer.

If you have a physical location, make sure the address and hours are clearly identified. If there are common reasons why someone might be reaching out to you, include a drop menu of choices so the right person can follow up quickly.

A contact info section is also a great place to advertise a free quote or consultation.


Create meaningful content with a regularly updated blog. You’ll be able to connect with your customers, answer questions they may not have even known they had, and set yourself up as a subject expert.

Blogging also helps you rank higher in SEO searches. People need to be able to find your custom website for it to be useful. Choose wise keywords for your business and you’ll see an increase in traffic and, ultimately, sales.

Mobile-Friendly Layout

Most people consume information on a mobile device. If your site isn’t optimized for smartphones, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to reach people.

Make sure your site appears as it should on smaller devices. You may need to alter the design somewhat from its desktop view. Video and picture galleries, in particular, should be taken into account before launching your website.


Nothing establishes credibility like a positive customer review. Create a testimonials section so you can collect social proof of the good work you do.

Testimonials will also help you rank higher in local SEO. When people are searching for your service, you’re more likely to appear even if they don’t know your business’s name.

Make Your Custom Website Stand Out

You need a website that engages your customers, keeps them informed, and converts sales. We can help you build a powerful custom site that boosts your company’s bottom line.

It starts by getting to know you and your needs. Only by understanding your business can we help you create features your customers will love.

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