There’s an App (Developer) for That!: Do You Need to Hire an App Development Agency for Your Atlanta Business?

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While some agencies will tell you it costs half a million dollars to make an app, most agencies know it’s more complicated than that. Pricing out an app requires you to know what technology you need, what staff costs, and how much it’ll cost to maintain. On top of that, an app development agency helps you figure out how to roll out your product to the world.

Here are three ways to figure out whether or not you need to hire app developers.

1. Do You Specialize in Apps?

If you’re a company already taking up space in the Atlanta tech world, you don’t need to worry about hiring an app development agency. You have it figured out, right?

Well, think again.

Even if you’ve got a team ready to develop apps, with tech changing constantly, you need to ensure that you’re on top of the latest developments. There are coding languages, productivity tools, and new best practices to manage all the time

The team you have knows your business model and what you need to thrive, but they might not know about the latest changes to come down the pike. By outsourcing elements of your development, you get the chance to work with the best talent around.

2. Are You Ready To Handle Customer Feedback?

Part of being in the app world is to test your app rigorously before you release it. Following your release, you need to be ready to get hit with a deluge of feedback. No product is perfect when it hits the market and security needs are constantly changing.

If you’re not prepared to manage feedback from clients and customers, you’re going to struggle to keep them happy. The better you respond to your customers, the easier it’s going to be to put out your next update. The update cycle is a constant grind, meaning that no release is truly ever the final one until the last phone is released with the last operating system on the planet.

3. What’s Your Marketing Plan?

An app development agency knows about more than just building apps. In order to build apps that people want, they need to know what it takes to get those apps onto people’s phones. With the help of an app development company, you can start with marketing and work backward.

When you meet with your app development agency, they’re going to ask what you want to build and why you want to build it. Once they’ve determined this, they’ve not only solved the answer of what kind of tech you need but they also know how to sell the app. By starting with the problem you’re looking to solve, you start with the market.

This is something that app development companies are adept at.

An App Development Agency is More Than Coders

When you hire an app development agency, you don’t just get a bunch of coders who plop out a product with no explanation. The best agencies in Atlanta sit down with you, talk about what the market has, what it needs, and where you fit in.

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