Website Design Agency vs Website Builder: How to Know Which is Right For You

website design agencyWhat if you could completely transform your business?

The secret to a successful business is helping prospective customers see the same potential of your product that you do. To do that, you need the best possible website for your business!

So, do you need a website design agency or a free website builder? Keep reading to discover which one is right for you!

Is Your Business New

The most basic question to help answer whether you need a website builder or a design agency is whether your business is new or not.

Typically, newer businesses do not have a lot of disposable income. So it may seem tempting to use a free website builder due to a relative lack of resources.

However, a great website design is basically an investment for your future success. You may find it is worth hiring a professional website design agency now so that your startup looks slick and professional to prospective customers!

Do You Need to Stand Out?

If you ask business owners, all of them will say they want to stand out. We have a simpler question: are you willing to pay for it?

The whole point of a free website builder is that it operates using conventional designs backed up by conventional templates. The downside of this is that most sites made with a website builder tend to look a lot alike.

If you are in a crowded field of competitors, it may be worth hiring a professional web designer. One look at your professional web page will allow your customers to see that you offer something more unique than the competition!

Do You Have Lots of Files?

Sometimes, the answer about whether to use a website builder or hire a web designer is pretty easy. For instance, ask yourself just how many files your current website has.

If you have a file-intensive website, then using a free website builder might be more trouble than it is worth. You might end up having to start from scratch, making the entire process take way longer than you intended it to.

The business world is full of cliches, but “time is money” remains very true. If it’s going to cost you a lot of time to move your files with a builder, then you might as well hire a professional!

Do You Have High Value Transactions?

The heart of whether to use a builder or hire a designer is money. Specifically, you are trying to figure out whether it is worth it to pay the money to a pro or not.

One straightforward way of answering this question is to examine the products and services you sell. If you primarily focus on high value transactions, then a web designer is usually worth the cost.

This is due to enhanced sales. Depending on the value of the transaction, having an extra sale or two a month might mean that an expensive website overhaul more than pays for itself!

A Website Design Agency: The Bottom Line

Do you want to hire a website design agency but you don’t know where to start? That’s where we come in.

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